E-Discovery Ireland 2012

2nd Annual E-Discovery and Digital Evidence Conference

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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy relates to the website “ediscovery.ie” and other electronic services relating to the E-Discovery Ireland conference, including email services and social networking accounts. The purpose of this policy is to outline the information collected and processed in relation to these services.

By accessing the “ediscovery.ie” website or engaging in electronic correspondence regarding the E-Discovery Ireland conference you are accepting the terms of this policy and consenting to the collecting and processing of your information.

Information Collected

In operating the “ediscovery.ie” and providing other electronic services relating to the E-Discovery Ireland conference we collect certain information from the users of these services. This includes information capable of identifying service users, for example names, email addresses, telephone numbers and other identifying information. Other information collected may identify or provide non-identifying information regarding organisations, computer systems or computer networks.

Purposes for Data Processing

Information identifying individuals is collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • To provide information regarding the E-Discovery Ireland conference and related events or initiatives
  • To contact service users regarding orders, queries or other correspondence
  • To provide periodic updates regarding other Cernam events, initiatives and developments
  • To assist with troubleshooting, investigating service disruption and investigating security issues

Information which does not identify individuals is collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • To understand the interests and needs of service users
  • To investigate and improve the performance, functionality and operation of services
  • To assist with troubleshooting, investigating service disruption and investigating security issues

Cernam specifically does not solicit, request or permit the transmission of credit card information through the “ediscovery.ie” website or via email. Service users may not transmit payment information to Cernam via these channels and agree to use Cernam’s designated secure payment providers.

Use of “Cookies”

The “ediscovery.ie” website makes use of multiple temporary cookies, or “session cookies”, which are used solely within the context of a specific session or website visit. The website does not directly set persistent cookies, however certain third-party services incorporated into the website may make use of persistent cookies. Examples include third-party analytics services, specifically Google Analytics, and integrations with social networking sites or other third-party websites.

Users of the “ediscovery.ie” website are not required to enable the automatic integration of content from these third-party services. If the web browser, or other software, used by a service user does not prevent such integration it is possible that persistent cookies will be set. In order to opt out of the integration of third-party services and persistent cookies, service users should make use of browser privacy settings or additional software such as browser plugins.

Third-party Disclosures

We may provide information which does not identify individuals to third parties, where such information is combined with similar information of other users of our website. For example, we might inform third parties regarding the number of service users, the demographic breakdown of service users or the types of activity in which service users engage. The third parties to whom we may provide this information may include potential or actual partners, providers of advertising services (including website tracking services), sponsors, licensees and other associated companies.

We will not disclose information identifying individuals expect where service users have consented to this disclosure or where the disclosure is required in order to fulfil an order, query or other request. We will disclose your information identifying individuals if we believe in good faith that we are required to disclose it in order to comply with any applicable law, a summons, a search warrant, a court or regulatory order, or other statutory requirement.

By placing an online order or otherwise making a booking for any Cernam events you agree that your name and contact details may be shared with any organisation listed as a "co-presenter" for that specific event. You further agree that any such co-presenter organisations shall be treated as an event organiser for the purposes of this privacy policy.

Sale of Assets

We reserve the right to transfer information, including information identifying individuals, to a third party in the event of a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership or transfer of assets of Cernam provided that the third party agrees to adhere to the terms of this privacy policy.  You will be notified in the event of any such transfer and you will be afforded an opportunity to opt out.


Information related to the website “ediscovery.ie” and other electronic services relating to the E-Discovery Ireland conference are stored on computer systems operated by Cernam and on third-party services managed by third-parties. No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure.  However, we will take all reasonable steps (including appropriate technical and organisational measures) to protect information gathered by Cernam, in line with the non-sensitive nature of the information involved.

Updating, Verifying and Deleting Personal Data

You may inform us of any changes in your personal information, and in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2002 we will update or delete your information. To request details of personal information held under this policy or to have your information amended or removed from our systems please email. Any such requests may be subject to the fees and other charges permitted at the time.

Changes to this Policy

Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted on the “ediscovery.ie” website and will take effect on the date they are posted unless otherwise stated at the time of publication.